Your Eco Friendly Holiday in Devon – Cofton Goes Green!

Devon Landscape Summer

Here at Cofton, we realise that the world is changing. We all need to pull together and chip in to make our glorious corner that little bit more glorious. This is why we’re proud to announce that Cofton is getting EVEN greener! We’re proud of the progress we’ve made already, by locally sourcing all of our ingredients in our restaurants, as well as using completely compostable packaging for our takeaways. We knew that we needed to find people as passionate about local, organic food as we are, hence our carefully crafted menu in Amelia’s Pantry. In order to fully appreciate the golden sands of Devon and the rolling hills, you need to run on proper fuel!

Our solar panels have meant better energy sourcing for our site, and you can even see how much power the panels (located on top of the pool hall roof) are generating via a sign in the cafe.

Perhaps what we’re most proud about though, is our Biomass Boiler. Our biomass boiler is a commitment from us to ensure sustainability throughout the park. Our entire indoor leisure complex, hot water across the park. All powered through our biomass boiler. The three 250kW burners will power through 640 tonnes of Woodchip a year, but this will save us a massive 750 tonnes of CO2 every year! Let’s keep Devon green!

Cofton Biomass Boiler 24th March 2017


Sustainability is so important to us – and we haven’t rested on our laurels after receiving the gold award from the David Bellamy Conservation Scheme, we’ve continued to deliver our promise to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Ensuring that not just Cofton, but the whole of South Devon is there for future generations to enjoy, explore and consume.

Cofton Biomass Boiler

The tourism sector has a huge impact on the environment, with many people viewing it as one of the biggest contributors to environmental problems with expansion on previously natural land and ecosystems a priority for many businesses. But we realise that our land, our lakes, our eco-system needs care and attention. This isn’t us just doing a couple of things then leaving it for a year – maintaining the welfare of the park is a full time job, which is why we’re glad our team share the same enthusiasm we do about our site.

So when we say to get closer to nature, sometimes you don’t even need to leave the park to get there. Everyone and everything is welcome, from pooches with our dog friendly caravans to the tiniest insects residing within our bug hotel.

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We love helping nature thrive!

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