Cofton’s Sunday Carvery near Exeter

If the only thing you can think of this Sunday is a delicious roast, then you simply have to head to the Cofton Carvery in Exeter – it’s like a well-kept secret that no one wants to share! Indulge your taste buds with some juicy Westcountry beef, golden potatoes and beautiful Devon countryside views that will take your breath away.

The locals have been enjoying our mouth-watering carvings for years, so what excuse do you have not to join them? With such a delightful afternoon experience offering sumptuous feasting and breath-taking scenery, nothing can beat visiting the Cofton Carvery for your Sunday cravings!

Every Sunday
12pm – 4pm

Adult – £15.00
Child – £9.00

Every Sunday, swing by the Warren Retreat to enjoy some much-needed R&R – we’re open from 12pm–4pm! Get ready for a relaxing afternoon of winding down and spending quality time with friends.

From the heart of Devonshire’s lush farms and fields, we offer a service you won’t find anywhere else. Our uncompromising quality comes from using only the freshest local produce prepared with love and care – a taste of pure delight!

Treat yourself to one of our delicious, homemade puddings when you’ve still got a bit of space left after lunch!

When you get to Cofton, follow the royal route of purple signs and park like a pro – once there discover delicious eats beyond reception at the Warren Retreat restaurant! Be sure to book ahead though- this spot is popular enough for royalty.

Let’s make Sunday funday and hang out soon! Looking forward to it.