Cottages with car charging

Cofton Holidays: Cottages with Car Charging for Eco-Friendly Devon Holidays

Welcome to Cofton Holidays, where we blend eco-friendly travel with the convenience and comfort of holidaying in Devon. Recognising the growing trend of electric vehicles (EVs), we have equipped our cottages and holiday grounds with accessible car charging points, ensuring your holidays with car charging needs are seamlessly met.

Effortless Electric Car Charging

Exploring Devon in an electric car has never been easier. With 26 car charging points strategically located throughout our grounds, you can effortlessly charge your vehicle whether you stay overnight or visit for the day. These facilities make maintaining your vehicle’s charge hassle-free, giving you more time to enjoy your holiday.

Explore Devon with Ease

With many modern EVs boasting over 200 miles of range, you can enjoy thrilling drives around Devon’s stunning landscapes. From the rugged coastline to the serene countryside, your electric car is the perfect companion for exploring this beautiful part of England. Our car charging facilities ensure you can roam freely without worrying about your next charge.

Green Transport, Convenient Holidays

At Cofton Holidays, we proudly lead the way in green transport options. Our commitment to the environment doesn’t mean sacrificing convenience. Grab your EV charger cable and get ready for an adventure on the open roads of Devon, all while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Your Eco-Friendly Stay

Our cottages offer the comfort and charm you seek in a Devon holiday and the modern convenience of car charging facilities. This makes Cofton Holidays the perfect choice for environmentally conscious travellers who want to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising their holiday experience.

A Step Towards Sustainable Travel

We believe in making sustainable choices easier for our guests. We’re moving towards a greener, more sustainable travel experience by providing car charging points. Join us in embracing eco-friendly travel while enjoying everything Devon has to offer.

Car Charging Points Dawlish

How to use our charging points

In order to use our charging points, you can either download the Pod Point app from the app store or google play or visit the Pod Point website to confirm the charge. you will need to add credit to your account to enable the charge. see the Step by Step Guide

Here are some links to the Pod Point website

What you need

Cofton’s Pod Point bollards provide an easy, untethered charging experience. But don’t forget to bring along your Type 2 Cable – interfacing with the socket on the bollard and compatible with most car makes. Your vehicle dealer should be able to supply you with one if needed – so make sure it is ready for powering up at Cofton!


  • 7Kw Charging capacity
  • Type 2 socket
  • 30 pence per kWh

*coming soon 70kWh charger in the main car park (additional charges apply)

Holiday Cottages with Car Charging

Nothing beats hopping in your electric car and staying off the grid while you explore beautiful Devon. With our holiday cottages, enjoy a stress-free journey with easy access to charging, so that there’s plenty of battery power awaiting during those adventuresome day trips!

Holiday Cottages

Lodges with car charging

Whether you’re planning a memorable family holiday or looking for the perfect getaway with friends, our newly unveiled lodge scheme is sure to impress. With carefully-selected locations offering modern amenities like electric car charging and top quality standards, we guarantee your stay will be both enjoyable and effortless!

Lodges Holidays