Green Cofton


Cofton is the perfect destination for both those looking to explore nature, and all who want to help protect it. We focus on sustainability – but we also invite all of our visitors to go beyond, get up close & personal with their surroundings!

Biomass Boiler

The amazing indoor leisure and dining complex – with its pool, toilets, shower blocks and more – is powered by a biomass boiler utilizing woodchip from local sources. During summer months the outdoor pool also benefits from this energy source providing warmth for swimmers.

Biomass is a great choice when it comes to heating systems because of its low environmental impact. Unlike fossil fuels, burning biomass only contributes carbon which naturally cycles through the environment and adds permanent stores over time – making this a sustainable, eco-friendly option!

Our biomass boiler runs around the clock, providing an energy-efficient means of charging a large buffer vessel with 5000 litres of hot water storage – ready to tackle whatever demand comes its way!.

Project facts and stats

  • 3 x Lindner and Sommerauer SL-250T 6R wood chip boiler with 5m agitators.
  • Flue system, thermal store & distribution pipework including all internal connections to existing heating systems, heat exchangers and all aspects of district heating schemes.
  • Runs on wood chips.
  • CO2 output reduced by 750 tonnes.
  • Project price of £593,000.

“Cofton was after a green energy solution for our hot water needs. We worked with Treco to find the best solution, before designing and building the scheme from the beginning to the end. We chose Treco due not only to their locality, but also their vast knowledge demonstrated and their willingness to take our current biomass boiler and encompass it all into one district heating system for the park.” Mellony Kirby, Director.

Find out more about Biomass Boiler project.

Solar Panels

Our park is powered by the sun! We have a 30KW solar panel system on our pool hall, 140kw powering lodges and 4 toilet blocks are now equipped with an additional 50 kW — making over 220kW of power coming from renewable sources. As we head into 2023, let’s celebrate this green energy revolution!

VegWare and plastic replacments

Looking to beat the heat? Refresh with a cold drink at our store or cafe, served up in Vegware compostable containers and lids – no more plastic waste here! We’ve also switched out all of our straws for paper varieties instead, so you can enjoy your beverage without sacrificing sustainability.

Gold Award

We are proud to have achieved a Gold Award from the renowned David Bellamy Conservation Scheme, in recognition of our commitment to protecting and preserving nature. Our practices adhere strictly to standards set by local wildlife experts who rate us based on how we manage resources efficiently and effectively while also supporting nearby communities. It’s an honor that allows us to be part of the solution instead of contributing further damage.

In 2011, Cotton was honored for its innovative efforts to meet the needs of all visitors – including those in wheelchairs. With a Conservation Award of Special Distinction, it recognized making large areas accessible by creating paths and fishing lakes specifically designed with accessibility in mind.

Honey Bee Friendly Park Award

Enjoy the splendor of nature at our park, and don’t forget to peek inside the Bug & Bee Hotel! From buzzing honeybees to nectar-filled plants, there’s an amazing variety of wildlife for you explore. Come experience first hand why we’re a haven for bugs – both big and small!

5-in-5 Habitat Badge

Cofton Park is home to a variety of multi-hued wildlife! Beautiful hedges have been meticulously managed with nature’s best interests at heart. Embark on an adventure and you may be lucky enough to spot some amazing eight-legged friends or magnificent wild creatures in our rewilded areas – see what wonders await your discovery!


All kitchen waste is separated at source and food waste is collected by a company called ‘Andigestion’ they take our food waste to produce gas as renewable energy. Andigestion is making sustainability a reality by transforming kitchen waste into renewable energy. Every bit of food debris we throw away can be used to power homes and businesses, reducing our reliance on non-renewable sources!

Click here to see how it works

At the park, we have an environmentally conscious recycling system in place. Make sure to separate your food waste and glass bottles from other items; our on-site compaction process will take care of the rest! Our partner Devon Contract Waste takes these materials for sorting at their plant with a promise of zero landfill contribution – every small action makes big ripples when it comes to sustainability efforts!

We use our state-of-the art cardboard compactor to effectively reduce the amount of packaging waste from around the site into mill size half tonne bales. These efficient bundles are then sent off for recycling at a nearby paper mill, ensuring that our efforts stay green and sustainable!

Our on-site shop

Our on-site shop is taking a stand against plastic consumption! We are charging for carrier bags and donating the funds to The Wildlife Trust, helping us all protect nature.

For over a decade, our small shop has contributed towards the preservation of Devon’s wildlife by donating 5p for every carrier bag sold. Last year alone we raised £453.75 to help protect the local environment – and will be continuing this mission far into the future!

Closer to Nature

Not just a holiday park, we also have a Bug Hotel on site!

Get the true wilderness experience with our budget accommodation! Located right next to reception and offering a delicious range of catch-and-eat menus, you won’t have to worry about making advanced bookings. What’s more – we’ve even got insect hotels providing an inviting sanctuary for all kinds of critters looking for somewhere safe to rest.

As for our two legged guests, we encourage them to explore the park including our woodland nature trail.

Local Suppliers

Enjoying the finest food and drink Devon has to offer? Look no further than our three dining venues – The Swan Inn pub, Warren Retreat Entertainment Venue, or Amelia’s Pantry Cafe. Not only will you be tantalizing your taste buds with locally sourced produce from a region that prides itself on its rich heritage of deliciousness but also doing something great for Mother Nature!