Luxury Campsites

Finding luxury campsites can be challenging, but you did it! You have found Devons no.1 Campsite, so look no further… except, perhaps take the time to look at our Trip Advisor just to be sure!

The camping experience hasn’t changed much over the years, it’s all about finding the best location to base yourself and it may be about finding a camp bursting with activities to keep the kids busy, if your anything like us, you’ll be looking for clean and modern toilets and showers so you can make your self ready to visit the pub, it’s all about the little differences that make camping a bit more luxury like heated floors and a shelf to put your clothes and towel when you’re using the shower.

Camping in Devon

The Luxury Camping Experience

We all love our creature comforts, but when camping it’s not only about a great weather forecast and choosing the best camping pitches, in this day and age every camping shop is full of gear to make your camping trip easier and more comfortable. Not only can you get those essential lightweight and compact chairs, but some firms are making these accessories designer must-have items, and each year new inventions hit the market, probably one of the most notable inventions is the inflatable awning and inflatable and it’s doubtless to say they may have saved many marriages as anybody who has been camping for some time will recall pushing poles together while erecting your tent. nowadays, people take pride in their setups and strive to operate a slick camping operation.

Your Luxury Campsites

So you have the latest tent complete with your kitchen set up in the awning, your branded windbreaks to create your own base to BBQ some local steak from the camp shop, your electric hookup power pack will be ready to power your coolbox and keep that Devon cider at the optimum temperature all ready to go in the garage. and your critical moment is searching the web for a Luxury campsite boasting home from home facilities… At Cofton we have a motto, if you’re going to do something, do it properly! and the results of this are here for your use! Modern and clean toilet blocks with underfloor heating, LED lighting, family bathrooms, doesn’t sound like much but, just in case the weather catches you off guard you’ll be glad you chose Cofton, it might just be you just like us and you like nice things.

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Luxury Campsite Toilet Block