Wonderful Wildlife at Cofton Holidays

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At Cofton Holidays it’s very important to us to be environmentally friendly and welcome all kinds of wildlife, not just our holiday guests! When you take a stroll around our site, you’ll soon spot the little touches for all kinds of creatures…

Wildlife around Cofton…

Get closer to nature and visit our Bug and Bee Hotel just opposite reception. This facility provides the perfect safe habitat for nesting and hibernation! You’ll notice our blossoming flowerbeds and butterfly gardens dotted around the park; giving the opportunity for local wildlife to thrive. Not to mention the hedges are maintained with our 8-legged pals in mind!


Nothing speaks wildlife and habitat more than a lake does – and at Cofton we have five of them! These lakes are home to many species of fish; to maintain the habitats of the area there are several rules in place. For example, visitors mustn’t stand up with the fish and then return them safely to the water by using a landing net or sling.

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At Cofton we’re lucky to have plenty of woodland walks on our doorstep. Take some time out and embark on a blissful stroll amongst the trees – It’ll be hard not to miss the furry residents including birds, squirrels and rabbits!

A holiday at Cofton isn’t complete if you don’t meet our resident cat called Millie. You’ll spot her saying hello to guests around the park and possibly in your caravan (if you invite her in!)

Dawlish Warren Nature Reserve…

There isn’t just wildlife at Cofton Holidays; Dawlish Warren Nature Reserve has a wide variety of coastal habitats and numerous birds. The area is a particularly valuable refuge for thousands of over-wintering and migratory waterfowl – around 180 different bird species are recorded each year! Up to 2000 species of invertebrate are found here; including the day-flying Jersey Tiger-Moth and colourful dragonflies such as the rare ruddy darter. The solitary sand wasps are also found here – they excavate tiny burrows and stock them with paralysed insect prey for their wasp grubs to eat!

In 2019, the staff at Cofton Holidays took part in a Beach Clean Up. The aim was to ensure Dawlish Warren’s nature reserve and beach are environmentally-friendly for wildlife and visitors alike!

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Wildlife and Conservation Awards…

Cofton Holidays has won multiple awards for our dedication to conservation and wildlife:

  • 30 Years’ BH & HPA Loyalty Award
  • Gold David Bellamy Conservation Award
  • David Bellamy: 20 Years’ of Commitment to Conservation Award

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