Wet Weather Activities and Indoor Attractions in Devon

Devon’s climate tends to be on the mild side, but we do still get our share of what the locals call “liquid sunshine” now and again. Should your next day out in the region be set for a downpour, however, there’s no reason to cancel your family trip. Here are some of the best all year, all weather attractions and rainy day activities Devon can offer, all either onsite or within easy reach of Cofton Holidays:

indoor activities devon
Reach for the stars! Try indoor climbing!

Climbing High and Dry

Running friendly and accessible climbing courses in Devon, Exeter’s Quay Climbing Centre is a wonderful all weather activity for anyone aged seven or more. Find your footholds on ace, purpose made climbing walls without a single rain drop getting in the way! Welcoming instructors make it easy to take on your first climb safely, with all the gear provided. At just a half hour drive from Cofton, it’s a whole lot of fun for any budding Spiderman, whatever the weather decides to do! Find out more at the Quay Climbing Centre website: www.quayclimbingcentre.co.uk

Devon attractions Crealy
Great Indoor and Outdoor activity centre

Crealy Good Fun, Whatever the Weather

For all manner of cool rides and cute animals to meet, Crealy Great Adventure Park is a great way to keep little and not so little kids happy when the sun won’t co-operate. Many of the creatures and activities are fully sheltered, meaning that you can not only take cover but keep having fun even in the biggest downpour. For further details, including Crealy opening times, attractions and ticket prices, visit the site: www.crealy.co.uk/devon/

Wet weather activities devon
Splashing around!

Swim for it

No, we don’t mean swimming down the road in that once-in-a-blue-moon “Noah’s Ark” scenario. We mean getting wet in comfort in the indoor pool of our fantastic Ashburn Springs complex. It’s open virtually all year to Cofton residents for a small fee, while our sauna and steam room are never more tempting than when it’s wet or cold outside. See our facilities section for further information.

Devon attractions
Embellish your creative side!

Paint the day Brighter

Should things look all too grey, one way of lightening the mood is to get creative with some hands-on fun at The Paint Hub in Dawlish. Youngsters get the chance to make and decorate their own ceramics for as little as £7, from first steps to getting their own masterpiece fired in the kiln! Not only is it a terrific slice of all weather, indoor fun, it’s also educational and they’ll get to take away their very own money-cant’-buy personalised holiday souvenir. A great way to spend even the wettest day we think. Find out more here: www.painthub.co.uk

The Marvellous House of Marbles

For some classic old school fun, The House of Marbles is a fun place for youngsters to find classic toys, games and, of course, marbles. You’ll also find a museum and working glassworks where you can find out more about classic old fashioned toys and crafts, plus a café and restaurant where mum and dad can get some well-earned tea and cake: www.houseofmarbles.com

Indoor attractions Devon
Our Soft Play is great fun for the little ones!

Amusements for all Weathers

In addition to the many other facilities at Cofton, we have several indoor activities that put the fun back into rainy days in Devon. We have four lanes of ten pin bowling for a family game, along with pool tables when the weather is poor. We also have an amusement arcade to provide fun for all ages, plus a soft play area to keep the little ones amused on even the wettest days. A godsend for parents when the sky is grey and the kids get restless!

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