The Cofton Team but not as you know them – The Big Comic Relief job swap…

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To support the amazing work of Comic Relief, the team at Cofton decided to have a management shake up and swap jobs for a few hours on Friday 15th March.

If you were visiting on Friday you may have seen some unfamiliar faces in unfamiliar places.

So who was involved in the big Cofton Comic Relief job swap:

Scott – Grounds Manager

On a normal day around Cofton, you may or not see Scott in Action, but he is responsible for keeping the grounds looking great and the flowerbeds blossoming. If you were visiting on Friday, you would found Scott learning the ropes in the Cofton on site shop, he was stacking the shelves, serving the customers and dealing with deliveries.

Shopkeeper ScottShop keeping

Shop team

Gerry – Shop Manager  

Gerry is one of the longest standing members of the Cofton team, having worked in Reception and a whole host of other roles before taking on the role as shop manager. One place you will have never found Gerry previously is working with the grounds team, so for Comic Relief Gerry joined Scott our grounds manager to to learn the ropes. 

Ian – Fitness Manager

You will typically find Ian in Ashburn Springs, managing the fast growing leisure facility at Cofton. He is well known for his high energy classes, but for one day only, he took a step out of his fitness comfort zone and made his debut as a member of the guest services team. In this role he welcomed guests, tested his skills towing caravans and went on patrol of the holiday park to make sure everything was ship-shape. 

Guest Services

Golf buggy checks

caravan towing

James – Guest services Manager

James is known for being the friendly face that greets you on arrival at Cofton. He makes sure every visit is just right, helping you to get the perfect pitch, making sure your caravan is in just the right place and is always on hand to answer any questions about your stay.

On Friday, James was transformed into a member of the fitness team and strutted his stuff in a step aerobics class. 

Step aerobics

Step aerobics Step aerobics

Luke – Fishing Manager

As a passionate fisherman, it’s rare you’ll find Luke straying too far from the 5 fishing lakes and tackle shop here at Cofton. On Friday, he tried out life on the busy Cofton reception desk and it had to be said Luke had some impressive customer service skills. 
Call centre
Reception desk
Ewelina – Reception Manager

Swapping the busy reception desk and and call centre for a few hours at the fishing lakes, swapping with fishing manager Luke. In her time as a fishing manager she got to work in the shop, feed the fish and look after the lake maintenance. 

feeding fish


Paula – Head of housekeeping

One of our newest recruits here at Cofton, head of housekeeping Paula, took to the kitchen to try out her baking skills. She made a batch of Comic Relief cookies and also tried her hand at decorating cakes.

Baking at Cofton

Digby and Jay – Entertainments team

The entertainments team made there way to Amelias to serve some delicious Comic Relief biscuits to customers. 
Entertainments team

Bar and Restaurant team 

To finish off a busy day of job swapping, our bar and restaurant team took to the dancefloor and learnt the Digby dance. 

We are delighted to have raised £200 for this amazing cause, it was also a great opportunity for the team to get some perspective about what other members of the teams jobs are like. 

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