New Barnfield Toilet and Shower Block, Open For Business…

Camping Toilets

Many of you have been wondering for some time what our latest building project is all about. The great news is that the project is now complete and so there is no need to wonder any longer. 

New toilet block

The development in the Barnfield is a new luxury toilet and shower block, which comes as part as our continued commitment to make improvements throughout the site based on feedback. This new block also made a big contribution to our fantastic 5 Star accreditation in the recent Visit England inspection. 

The toilet blocks are finished to an extremely high level, with quality  fittings, so that you get all of the comforts of home, all you need for those late night visits to the loos. 

Take a look at the fantastic finish inside and out, also a big thank you to the amazing team at Nevada Construction Ltd who have worked tirelessly over the last 6 months to get the unit ready for the holiday period. 

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