Staycation at Cofton Holidays

Since Cofton Holidays was established by the Jeffery family in 1975, we like to think we may have evolved a little. Times have changed, meaning that expectations of a traditional holiday have changed…

Cofton Holiday Camp - Old Days

However, ‘staycations’ are definitely on the rise and we’re proud to welcome thousands of visitors to our glorious corner of Devon.

A variety of factors contributing to this mean that recently, staycations and holiday parks in particular have had to rise to a variety of challenges.

We’ve been proud to broaden our offering, including our a state-of-the-art leisure complex and on-site entertainment to mean everyone is catered for. Our glorious corner has always been a bit of a hidden gem, with our golden sands, encapsulating landscapes and delicious food. The myth that you need to go abroad for your holidays is long gone – with the rise of TripAdvisor and the ability to research, plan and scrutinise the details and offerings, the power truly is in *your* hands…

After all, you don’t need to go abroad to kick your feet up and relax, it could just be a short drive away…

Feeling a little peckish..?

And there’s no better way to start your holiday with a perfect meal than our two for £18 menu. All fresh. All local. All for you. You won’t believe the quality and most of our ingredients are from down the road. Mmm.

Cod Fishcake, Poached Egg & Hollandaise sauce

We often hear comments from guests about how surprised they are with the beauty of our area and how they didn’t know a place like this existed in Britain.

Somewhere with stunning beauty to explore during your stay, somewhere on Mother Nature’s doorstep, but also with the luxury amenities to complete your holiday and make it unforgettable.

Cofton Holidays Then & Now

If you want to see what the staycation hype is about, why not come along and explore for yourself? Pitch up, unpack, sit back and take in the stunning views. Total bliss awaits you…

Book your heavenly Devonly escape at Cofton Holidays

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