Autumn Gastro Specials


We are adding a selection of sumptuous dishes to our specials menu for you to enjoy for a fantastic 2 meals for £22. The menu includes a choice of 5 new dishes, each boasting its own unique and exciting flavour.


Septembers Gastro Meals

Chicken Supreme, Broad Beans, Bacon, Wild Mushroom, Cider Brandy Cream

Squash Spaghetti, Coconut, Chilli, Cashew Alfredo, Roast Cauliflower

Char Grilled Ashcombe Ox Liver, Roast Onion & Thyme Gravy, Mash & Greens

King Prawn Linguine, Lemon, Soft Herbs, Chard Courgette & Rocket

5oz Ashcombe Sirloin Steak, Shallot Tarragon & Braised Beef Ravioli,

Roast Root Vegetables, Broccoli & Red Wine Glaze

Wine not included.

Chicken Supreme

The stunning chicken supreme is served in a boozy brandy cream sauce with accompaniments of broad beans, bacon and locally sourced wild mushrooms.  

The Perfect Wine Pairing

We recommend the Dart Valley Sharpham 2017 Chardonnay  blend wine. Not only is the wine from a local English vineyard in Devon, but it also offers a soft fruity flavour to complement the rich buttery sauce in the dish.


Squash Spaghetti

Looking for a veggie option that packs a punch? Try our new zesty roast cauliflower dish with a chilli zing, coconut cashew Alfredo, and a lighter butternut squash spaghetti. 

The Perfect Wine Pairing

Try our light refreshing NUA prosecco – the perfect accompaniment to your special holiday dinner. The light and refreshing flavour in the prosecco perfectly complements the coconut and chilli blend. 

NUA prosecco

Ashcombe Ox Liver

A rich chargrilled Ashcombe Ox Liver served with roast onion and thyme gravy, mash and greens.

The Perfect Wine Pairing

We recommend the Rio Roca Merlot from Chile. This rich red has ripened fruit flavours with spicy notes and a soft and round flavour to complement the diversity of flavours from the liver and root vegetables. 


King Prawn Linguine

Love sea food? This zesty prawn dish with lemon, soft herbs, chard, courgette and rocket is a fantastic light dish for any time of year. 


The Perfect Wine Pairing

The perfect pairing for this light seafood dish is the delicious Rio Roco from Chile. It’s light and smooth, with tropical fruit flavours – perfect for fish, seafood or white meat. 

rio roca

Ashcombe Sirloin Steak 

This hearty steak really is something special. 5oz local Ashcombe sirloin steak, shallot tarragon, braised beef ravioli, roast root vegetables, broccoli and a red wine glaze. 

The Perfect Wine Pairing

The perfect accompaniment for a succulent sirloin is our Toro Fuerte Malbec 2018 from Argentina. Bursting with intense flavours of blackcurrant, cherry and plum, it brings out the natural pepper flavours from the meat.


Want to try these fantastic specials? They will be available for in Amelia’s for lunch or an evening meal this September.

Ask for information or pick up a menu on your next visit… 

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