Cofton Cup IV – Fishing Competition

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Jason Morgan lands 109Ib haul to win prestigious Cofton Cup IV Fishing Competition

Cofton Fishing Lakes

Last week we crowned Jason Morgan from Guildford, Surrey as winner of Cofton Cup IV – The Fishing Competition.

Jason Morgan

The competition was hosted on the Mamhead Match Lake over 5 days of intensive fishing. The field was narrowed down from 40 in the opening rounds to 15 in the final, with the remainder battling it out for the Plate competition.

Competing against 14 other experienced competition anglers in the grand final, Jason scooped the Cofton Cup and £500 with a total for the competition of 109.07 lb from Peg 25.

Runner-up Daryl Edwards achieved a total haul of 48.05 lb from Peg 12, earning him £250. Craig Smith, on Peg 17, earned £150 in third place with a net of 43.15 lb.   

In the Plate competition, Steve Bridle came out on top with a catch of 45.15 lb from Peg 15, earning him Plate Champion and £125. Carol Williams came in second with her 34.01 lb net from Peg 11 earning her £75, and Mike Flory came third and won a £50 with his 32.02 lb net from Peg 20.   

Five days of sun and calm conditions made for great angling conditions for the Cofton Cup competition.

The event saw three qualifying matches take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, with the grand final on Thursday, before the Plate match on the Friday.

Qualifier 1 results

1st – Tony Rickard Peg 25, 45.05 lb

2nd – Michael Nunn Peg 13, 46.04 lb

3rd – Phil Strickland Peg 19, 35.12 lb 

Qualifier 2 results

1st – Michael Wills Peg 7, 52.14 lb

2nd – Paul Bland Peg 25, 48.11 lb

3rd – Ken Carter Peg 15, 46.00 lb

Qualifier 3 results

1st – Ian McMillen Peg 17, 63.12 lb

2nd – Darrell Edwards Peg 25, 43.05 lb

3rd – Steve Bond Peg 15, 36.10 lb

Plate results

1st – Steve Bridle Peg 15, 45.15 lb

2nd – Carol Williams Peg 11, 34.01 lb

3rd – Mike Flory Peg 20, 32.02 lb

Grand Final results

1st – Jason Morgan Peg 25, 109.07 lb

2nd – Darrell Edwards Peg 12, 48.05 lb

3rd – Craig Smith Peg 17, 43.15 lb


Luke Broderick, Cofton Holidays Fisheries Manager, commented on the success of the Cofton Cup IV event, saying: The competitors have been fantastic, showing off their skill and expertise, creating a super atmosphere for all. They’ve contributed towards a great week enjoyed by all the anglers, their families and a good crowd of spectators!

“We’d like to congratulate all the finalists and the winners, but most notably our champion Jason Morgan who produced an exceptional performance to claim top prize. We look forward to the competitors returning in May for Cofton Cup V.

At Cofton Holidays we have five well-stocked fishing lakes, making it an ideal destination for angling fans of all levels and experience. Mamhead, the Match Lake, has been restocked, alongside the four other lakes, thanks to significant investment over the past year and a half.

Following its success, the Cofton Cup Fishing Competition will return again in the Spring. Cofton Cup V – The Fishing Festival, will take place from 9th to 15th May and is open to keen anglers staying at Cofton Holidays.

To book your place on the Cofton Cup V – Fishing Festival, visit

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