Adult Swimming Lessons

Are you looking to build confidence in the water? Did you never learn to swim or wish you did? Or are you training for an event where you need to perfect your technique. 

No matter what your requirement, our expert swim instructors are here to help. 

Swimming lessons

Getting Started and building confidence 

If you have never fallen in love with swimming or felt confident enough to go it alone in the water. Our team are here to help you with a bespoke 1-1 lesson. 

Our sessions are motivating and engaging, with an intimate pool environment to help you develop your skills to independent swimming as quickly as possible. 

These lessons are for ages 16+ with beginners and improvers welcome. The programmes are specially tailored to an individuals needs, but can be designed for distance, speed, skills/drills, fast twitch, anaerobic and aerobic. 

It’s never too late to learn how to swim!

Getting Event Ready  

If  you are training for your next big competition? Looking to start taking part in triathlons, open water events or swimming competitions? Perfect your technique with our one to one guidance.

Minor adjustments to your technique can make all the difference when it comes to competitive swimming. Let us work with you to monitor and help you to improve your form to give you the edge in your next race. 

Open Water Swimming5 top tips for open water swimming/triathlon swim events:

1: Practice swimming the desired distance before the event. Also practice swimming whilst wearing your race wetsuit as this adds a level of buoyancy you may not be used to!

2: Make sure to practice your ‘sighting’ as well as usual f/c breathing in order to keep an eye on those markers/buoys.

3: Acclimatise yourself before the race to reduce the chance of hyperventilation.

4: Use Vaseline or an equivalent to stop chaffing/rubbing from swimwear or wetsuits

5: Purchase a decent swimming hat to improve your streamlining and prevent brain freeze!Rehabilitation from injury

If you are struggling to get back to exercise or with injury’s, swimming can be the prefect remedy.  Exercise in the water is not only great for calorie burning, but also because it is non-weight bearing, it’s a great way to get your muscles moving. 

Fear of water

If you lack confidence in the water, but want to be able to swim independently. Our team are on hand to help, with one to one guidance and support. 

Adult swimming

Meet the Instructors 

Coftons Swim Star school is delighted to have dedicated instructors all CPR and first aid certified. Each instructor is DBS checked, ASA level 2 (At least) qualified and a certified iOS member . Participants will be assigned an instructor based on the availability and the swimmers skills level. 

Lisa Kemp

Adult Swimming Lesson

Lisa Kemp

Having swum competitively from an early age, Lisa’s passion for the water and competitive streak, have fuelled her to pursue a career inspiring the next generation of Swim Stars here at Cofton. 

She loves nothing more than watching students develop and build confidence in the water. 

Lisa is a level three senior coach, with 34 years experience and has coached from the early stages to competition standard swimmers.

Lisa Kemp

Adult Swimming Lesson