Return to Fitness – Free Open Weekend

Are you returning to exercise after an injury? Looking to build confidence and fitness? Then the Friday of our Free Fitness Weekend is perfect for you. Join our experienced and motivational instructors as they ease you back into exercise!
Everybody is welcome! Existing members can book on using their login details. If you’re new to Ashburn then you’ll need to register here.
Our classes will be taking place in 5 different locations at Cofton! Find out more about the open sessions below:

Download a copy of the Free Fitness Weekend Timetable!

A bit about the classes…


In the pool…

Aqua Fit: A water based workout which raises your heart rate using the water as a natural resistance. A lively, fun session suitable for all ages and fitness abilities.

Aqua Zumba: Fun! Water based fitness bring the excitement and enjoyment of Zumba to the pool. The vibrant sounds of Salsa, Cumbia, Reggaeton, Merengue, and Pop music add to the Aqua Zumba experience. If you love to dance and music makes you want to move then this is the class for you.

Aqua Circuit: A fun and varied full-body workout combining resistance training with aerobic exercise! Shallow water circuit training will involve a series of resistance stations using water specific equipment and body-weight exercises. Join-in, make a splash and have great fun exercising in the effective exercise environment for all ages and abilities.


In the Warren Retreat…

Stretch ‘n’ Tone: A gentle and less physically demanding combination of stretches and toning exercises. Tighten and lengthen your muscles and feel good about improved posture, well-being, increased range of movement!

Yoga: Release tension through stetching, strengthening and relaxing your muscles! Deep inhalations and exhalations of breath through yoga postures can improve respiratory function , balance, concentration, core stability, and flexibility! All levels are welcome and progressions are slow and simple to follow.

Zumba Gold: This class takes the popular Latin-dance inspired workout of Zumba and makes it accessible for seniors, returning exercisers, beginners or others needing modifications to their exercise routine. With the dance moves, Zumba Gold builds cardiovascular health by challenging the heart and working key muscles including those of the hips, legs and arms. The design of the class introduces easy-to-follow Zumba® choreography that focuses on balance, range of motion and coordination.


In the Fitness Studio…

Boxercise: Tough day? Come and let off some steam with our insanely fun Boxercise class! Boxercise is based on the training concepts boxers use to keep fit. Join our registered Boxercise instructors and learn the techniques for a range of punches, authentic footwork and exercise drills to keep you fighting fit.

Cofton Core: Effective core training is essential for spinal health, correct posture, efficient movement, and correct alignment. This session focuses on stability of the spine in addition to targeting all the muscles which make up the ‘core’ of the body through selected exercises. A great class to compliment any physical fitness programme.

RISE Step Fitness: Step aerobic returns! Using the legendary step platform, RISE is bringing this popular step workout back! Fun, effective AND achievable fitness for all ages and abilities. The session begins with an introduction to the base moves, two step routine combinations to increase cardio fitness followed by body conditioning for balance, strength and core stability.


In the NEW Indoor Cycling Studio…

Gentle Cycle: This taster session will inform and teach you of the benefits of Indoor Cycling! Your exercise expert will explain the basic cycle set-up and slowly build up the resistance whilst introducing different cycle positions.

HIIT Cycle: Not for the faint hearted! This class is designed to help you reach your anaerobic/near maximal threshold AND maintain that intensity for the entire duration of the class! Results driven workout for the keen exerciser.


Outdoors, meet at Ashburn Springs Reception…

Bootcamp: A fun and physical combination of body weight training, partner / team work, and cardio exercises (which can include running and hill sprints). Wear suitable clothing for outdoor training (including gloves and long sleeves – it might get muddy!).

Outdoor Circuit: Enjoy the benefits and creativity of training outdoors with this fun and effective circuit session. Rain or shine this class will be going ahead – so make sure you bring suitable clothing!

Walking Group: Take a walk through the wonderful grounds of Cofton and experience the social, fun, and refreshing elements of our Walking Group. Led by our qualified walk leader, you’ll feel revived and rejuvenated during this gentle session!




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