Join Cofton’s Super Six

Looking for a new way to train and achieve your fitness goals? Get involved with Cofton’s Super Six. 

Join an exciting fitness initiative which allows you to change the way you think about fitness in just 6 weeks. Even better, you don’t have to go it alone, but will complete the programme with 5 others.

This programme takes place over a six week period where each week you will check in with your trainer to monitor progress and take part in an exciting fitness class. 

Stages of Cofton’s Super Six  

Measurements and Goal Setting

To kick start the program, Join our trainer in week one to take your measurements and record your targets or goals. This is great opportunity for you to get to know your trainer and your training companions and will also give your trainer the opportunity to get to know what you look to achieve from the sessions. 


Personalised programme

Before this first session you will be sent your personal training plan for days in between the main sessions. You will be able to ask any questions you have to your trainer when on your visit to Cofton. 

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Progress review 

15 minute catch up a week talking about how the previous week has been for you personally and how successful training has been. 

Fitness class 

Each week enjoy a 45 minute fitness session, exclusively for the super sixers. The sessions will range from gym circuits, to HIIT, through to Outdoor BootCamps. 

This class can be any class from the class timetable



Members fee £90
Non Members (Inclusive of use of the gym over the six weeks)£160
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