Fitness Classes at Cofton

We aim to offer a fantastic variety of fitness classes in our fitness timetable at Cofton. So whether you’re looking to test your coordination in dance or step, build your strength with bar boost or test your endurance in a circuit training class we have the workouts you are looking for.

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A water based workout which is accessible and suitable for all abilities. A low impact, high intensity water aerobics class to music that aims to improve flexibility, range of motion, muscle tone & cardiovascular endurance.

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Yoga classes can help reduce stress levels and improve overall health through a systematic practice of physical exercise, breath control and relaxation designed to aid both mental and physical well-being. All levels are welcome and progressions are slow and simple to follow.

Pilates Fitness Class Dawlish


Take to the mat for a range of stretches targeted at different areas of the body. Pilates is a form of exercise that concentrates on strengthening the whole body with an emphasis on core. Pilates focuses on posture, balance and flexibility aiming to promote overall wellbeing.

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Spin your way to develop cardio fitness. A high intensity class on a static bike that combines both cardio and endurance in a state-of-the-art cycle studio with LED lighting and sound system. 

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This is an exciting class bringing step based workouts back to life. A step dance class to music with an emphasis on fun as well as exercise. A full body workout suitable for all ages and abilities. A great heart rate booster.


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A whole body cardio workout that includes learning combination drills and technical skills. Learn both the basic and more advanced moves in boxing, all in a fun relaxed environment.

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Hatha yoga focuses on posture and breathing techniques. It is practiced more slowly and is about balance and meditation.

Group Exercise Classes Dawlish


Shape up and burn fat as you lunge, step and squat your way to fitness in this popular class. Legs, bums and tums is an aerobic workout that targets the specific areas of the thighs, glutes and stomach to encourage tone and definition.

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Cardio dance is a fun, choreographed class that allows you to express yourself to the music. A great calorie burner that tones the whole body.

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Circuits offers a combination of exercises performed with short rest periods. A mixture of functional movements with different equipment helps to increase strength and overall cardiovascular health.

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Barbell fitness allows you to be in control of the weights you lift. It targets large muscle groups & helps strengthen functional movements patterns.

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A gentle introduction to Yoga with the aim to build strength & flexibility, whilst removing tension and blockages through meditation.

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This class uses a range of equipment focusing on the whole body, aiming to improve functional strength and tone of the muscles.