Digby & Friends

Digby and Friends

63 million years ago the dinosaurs were wiped out when a comet collided with Earth, Except one – Digby the Dinosaur… Digby’s Dinosoar egg was discovered in a stone circle by professor Cofton, Digby grew up in Cofton woods and made many friends especially Jaffa Rabbit, they love to play in the sunshine and have adventures with the boys and girls that visit Cofton. Watch out for that Sneaky Fox, he’s always up to mischief, but don’t worry, Digby and Jaffa are on hand to help the kids prevent Sneakys naughty plans.

Keep your eyes peeled as you may spot this mischievous dinosaur roaming around the park



Digby is Cofton’s mascot, He’s always cheerful and enthusiastic and looks for the best in everything, He’s a gentle giant who can’t wait to meet all the kids on holiday at Cofton

If you find him walking around the park, make sure you get a photo and a high five!

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The Digby Gang

Digby and friends appear every day at 6.45 pm in the Warren Retreat, they have their very own shows and stories hosted by Digby or with his best friends, Jaffa Rabbit and Prof. Cofton, as well the naughty and mischievous Sneaky Fox who is always trying to cause trouble for the rest of the gang.

Digby Downloads

Featuring everone’s favourite Coftasaurus, Digby the dinosaur, this fun activity sheets have everything from colouring in to connect the dots.

Simply hit the download button, print the sheet and get colouring. And don’t forget to share your finished masterpieces with us on Facebook. Digby can’t wait to see all of  your beautiful colouring in and drawings.

Colour in Digby

Doodle with Digby Activity Sheet 1

Dot-to-Dot Digby

Doodles with Digby Activity Sheet 2

Picture This

Doodles with Digby Activity Sheet 3

Digby and Friends