Tractor Trailer Rides at Cofton

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Looking for a more scenic way to get to the beach on your next Cofton holiday? Why not try the exciting new tractor trailer ride at Cofton?

If you don’t fancy the walk or getting in your car, then hop aboard the Cofton trailer and be towed by tractor and your friendly driver Roger.

Your journey will start from the departure bay outside of reception and will take you through the Eastdon Estate where you won’t be disappointed with the stunning views and breath-taking scenery you’ll find along the way. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife including birds of prey, roe deer, horses and sheep. You will be be dropped off at the entrance of the Eastdon Estate which is just a short walk to the sandy shores of Dawlish Warren beach.

Starting on July 25th our Tractor Trailer rides run every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday throughout July and August 

The flat price for a return trip is £4 for adults and £2.50 for children.

Prices are fixed but there is no obligation to take the return journey so you can always take in the views of our glorious corner of Devon on the walk back.


The ride may may be bumpy, so if you are pregnant or suffer from a bad back please take this into consideration. We ask that passengers remain seated and keep arms and legs inside the trailer at all times until the trailer has come to a complete stop and that seatbelts are worn when the vehicle is moving. Please do not seat young children next to the window. buggies and pushchairs must be folded before boarding the trailer.

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