New Fish for 2019 -Introducing 9 New Hand Picked Specimen Carp

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In October 2018 we were delighted to welcome 9 hand picked specimen carp to the fishery as part of a continued investment in the fish stocks at Cofton. You will find these stunning carp in their brand new home in the Trusham Specimen Lake.

New Fish

In early 2018 we drained the lake and netted the fish removing the silvers and the majority of the small carp. Over 100 single figure carp were moved to the match lake. 80 fish from doubles to 24 lb were put back giving them the room to flourish and hopefully grow on. The new fish were sourced from top fish farmers at Priory Fishery have now settled in and will be gracing the nets of our guests this season and hopefully for many seasons to come.

5 of these fish weigh over the magic 20lb with the others not far behind. Young, scaley mirrors each very distinctive and individual. It is going to be exciting tracking their growth over the coming years. Trusham is now set to be an amazing specimen water with everything in place to make fantastic fishing memories. Weights for the new fish 23.6, 22.4, 20.8, 20.4, 20.2, 19.8, 18.8, 18.2, 15.3 all mirrors.

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