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Luxury caravan parks in the UK present a wonderful opportunity to sit back, relax, enjoy your surroundings and have a much-earned break from everyday life. Plus, when you’re travelling inside the UK, there’s less hassle when it comes to all the additional considerations when catching a flight. All you need to worry about is packing what you like, hopping in the car or on the train and heading down to your favourite location to chill out.

Caravan holidays have risen in popularity over the last year or two, partly down to the global pandemic and the restrictions on going abroad, but by the looks of the search data in Google, we can see that it’s still on an upward trend. We’re delighted that caravan holidays are on the up, as we’ve known for years the convenience and warm fuzzy feeling you get from a luxury caravan holiday, no matter what time of year. Whether you’re a seasoned caravan holidaymaker or are considering your first break, we’ve written this blog post to help give you a little insight into what our luxury caravan site has to offer, and what different types of luxury caravans we have for hire, year round.

Unrivalled convenience of luxury caravan holidays in the UK

We love caravan holidays because they’re easy. If you live the UK already, there’s no jetlag, you simply arrive, unpack (if you want to) and start exploring. Where our caravans are positioned within our park, you’re met with the best of both worlds – entertainment and fun things to do with the family, and wonderful, peaceful coast and countryside, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for an exciting or relaxing break, as we cover both.

You can hit the pool or pub, or even take a warming dip in your own private hot tub if that’s the type of caravan you choose. One thing’s guaranteed though – when you’re ready to retire back to the comforts of your holiday home, you won’t be disappointed with the standard of living accommodation we provide.

What makes our caravans luxury?

If you have any preconceptions of a caravan holiday, we urge you to open your mind to new possibilities. Our caravans are not drab and bland, in fact you’ll find they’re quite the opposite. Offering kitchens that wouldn’t be out of place in a cosy cottage, comfortable, high-quality homely furniture, mod cons and generous inside and outside space, you won’t feel cramped or uncomfortable in our luxury static caravans. You’ll even find with some of our larger caravans such as the Ashburn, that you have a separate lounge to relax in, so it’s like having your own little house.

We also love having the use of a hot tub when on holiday, as there’s no doubt it adds a little extra something to the whole experience (and can be used in the summer and winter!). So, some of our luxury static caravans also have access to a private hot tub for guests to soak in.

Static caravan holidays with hot tubs, South Devon

Are pets welcome in Cofton’s luxury caravans?

The short answer is yes! We’re a holiday park of dog lovers, and we’re keen for your pooch to enjoy themselves during a little break too. We have a number of dedicated dog-friendly luxury caravans, and you won’t have to make any sacrifices on comfort or style either. We have the same quality furniture and mod cons in our dog-friendly static caravans, the only difference is we prepare a few extra creature comforts for your four-legged friend – namely some dog treats, a blanket, mat and bowl.

Dog Friendly Caravans

Luxury caravans for hire

So, in summary if you’re considering booking a luxury static caravan escape sometime soon, be sure to explore the options at Cofton. Don’t forget, if you have any questions about our caravans or any other accommodation options, be sure to get in contact and a member of the team will be more than happy to help.

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