Digby’s Devon day adventure to Pennywell farm

There is no one at Cofton who loves Devon more than our very own Coftasaurous dinosaur Digby. So it was no surprise that  when we were asked to take part in the annual character meeting at Pennywell Farm to celebrate Devon, he roared at the opportunity.  

Devon Day

Even better that Digby got to catch up with some of his favourite furry friends from all around the region.

Mascot day

Here is what Digby had to say about his amazing day at Pennywell. Please excuse any spelling errors, Digby is only a 9 year old dinosaur and his claws aren’t always keyboard friendly. 

Digby’s Write up

My day at Pennywell was very exiting exciting, we started the day in the theter theatre, where we first met our friends. Jay and Holly from the entertainments team at Cofton had to help me with the stairs are my feet are a little on the large size. There was so many children smiling and waving, it was a lot of fun.

Mascot day

We were all introduced to the children one by one, which was great because I got to tell the children about all my favourite things, especially how much I love Jaffa Cakes. 

The children came over to talk to me and hug me, some were staying at Cofton and I remembered from the Digby dance studio. 


After the meeting in the theter theatre we were invited for a tractor ride around the farm. It was a little tricky to get onto the trailer, but the ride was a lot of fun. 

tractor ride

Tractor ride

My favorite favourite  part of the day was when me, the Cofton team and my friends got to meet and cuddle some of the animals.

Even Jay, Holly and Hannah got involved. 


The day ended with a yumy yummy cream tea and some fun around the farm. I had mine with cream first, because that’s the Devon way.

cream tea


We hope you all had a wonderful Devon Day

Thank you to Digby for his fantastic blog, if you want to find out more about Digby and his adventures at Cofton and around Devon, it might just be time to book your next holiday at Cofton.