Cofton – The bees knees on environmental care…

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At Cofton we take great pride in keeping our gardens looking plush and flower beds blossoming. Aside from gardens of beauty, as a team we take great pride in looking after the environment and creating habitats where wildlife can thrive. This includes butterfly gardens and flower beds situated all around the holiday park.


As part of this years entertainment schedule, the team have worked hard to make sure that as well as fun for the family, there are interesting educational elements that help your children to learn the importance of looking after the environment.

Jay Wallace-Langan Head of Entertainment at Cofton commented on this years unique entertainments agenda saying, “We wanted to provide entertainment which was outside of what you would normally expect at a holiday park. We have a whole host of indoor and outdoor activities, but new for 2019 are lots more activities all about  appreciating the great outdoors and the natural environment”.


Recycling has always been a huge priority for Cofton, with a commitment to responsible waste management throughout the site. We work in partnership with Devon Contract Waste who operate on the basis of Zero to landfill and also have adopted recyclable materials wherever possible.

To take this a step further we wanted to help our youngest visitors to understand the importance of recycling and the responsible use of plastics. To illustrate this we created a quiz and put an environmental twist on the classic game kerplunk. This exhilarating game saw children and their parents go head to head to answer environmental questions against the clock, remove sticks and plastic bottles from our giant game  and go on to win the game.

Nature Kerplunk

Flowers and Bees

To help our insect habitats to thrive, our children’s daytime entertainment included the creation flower bombs, embedding seeds in clay to create an explosion of colour and habitats for those all important bee populations. Bee populations are fast diminishing and so the more we can do to produce fantastic habitats the better.

Biomass  Education

At Cofton we have invested heavily in biomass technology for a more eco-friendly way of generating the energy needed to power the site. During a recent session, we spent time teaching children about the biomass generator, giving an insight into why it is cleaner and greener. One delivery of wood chips can power Cofton for 10 days, including heating the swimming pool and showers.

To find out more about Cofton’s commitment to keeping the site green take a look at our environmental page or to learn more about our exciting entertainments line up visit our entertainments page.

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